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BDO Unibank, Inc., commonly known as Banco de Oro (BDO), is a Philippine banking company based in Makati. In terms of total assets, the firm is the largest bank in the Philippines, fifteenth largest in Southeast Asia, 116th largest in Asia, and the 234th largest bank globally as of March 31, 2016. BDO Unibank is also a member of the SM Group. It is also the largest bank in the country by market capitalization.

The firm is a full-service universal bank. It provides products and services to the retail and corporate markets including lending (corporate, middle market, SME, and consumer), deposit-taking, foreign exchange, brokering, trust and investments, credit cards, corporate cash management, and remittances. Through its subsidiaries, the Bank offers Leasing and Financing, Investment Banking, Private Banking, Bancassurance, Insurance brokerage, and stock brokerage services.BDO has the largest distribution network with over 1,300 operating branches and more than 4,000 ATMs nationwide.

A sad former employee woefully posted on social media addressing her experience with the institution, she wrote " Company has no regard for the employees' wellbeing. No work-life balance. Managers expect staff to work well beyond 8 hours without overtime pay. Only lunch break in between 8 hours. It is a concrete Jungle where you should always watch you back. Have a very toxic working environment. Have employees working long hours and some employees' Overtime has been disapproved. "


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Traveling Teller (Former Employee) says

"its nice to be one as military man, there will be great transformation in all aspects of ones anatomy upon completion of training, it makes us , smart, tough and snappy all the time.we have food subsidywe military hospital in case our health is concern"

Client Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"Company has no regard for the employees' wellbeing. No work-life balance. Managers expect staff to work well beyond 8 hours without overtime pay. Only lunch break in between 8 hours.Health insurance, food allowances, medical allowance, midyear bonusLong hours with NO OVERTIME PAY. Toxic environment"

Teller/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"WORST EXPERIENCE.I was a teller at bdo anabu imus and lemme tell that i didnt expect my experience to be so awful. I have nothing against bdo but the branch? My god. Snobby coworkers and rude childish and unprofessional officer like she thinks she gives constructive criticism but it's the opposite. I did ask questions during observation but it's like this officer isnt contented. One time she asked me to come to the staff room and she told me RIGHT IN MY FACE na "mababait lang ang napopromote dito" like is THAT THE ATTITUDE OF A SERVICE OFFICER? To judge me without basis? So godly UNPROFESSIONAl and CHILDISH. I even reported her and that co teller of mine who backstabbed and accuse me of being a know it all to hr ( i dont know if the hr responded to my complaint)BenefitsToxic co workers, the environment, childish officer, backstabbing co teller, low salary"

Teller (Former Employee) says

"Since there are same salary for both manila area and province, it is understandable that manila area employees are not given enough salary for their everyday expenses.allowance every monthovertime no pay"

Trade Processor (Current Employee) says

"The company is okay but the management or my dept. Trade finance was very bad dont get me wrong if you are there please find other departments. Not trade finance the officers the unit heads are very unfriendly negative attitudes."

Customer Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"Based on my experience the company has really something to offer for all, but you should be dedicated and you must love what job you are doing because this will give you the motivation to move forward each day.Good people around"

Marketing Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Over workload for staff. As an employee we almost spend most of our time in the office than our homes. Not balance So many employessWith career growth"

Account Officer (Current Employee) says

"*Solicits new accounts and establish credit facilities that match with their business *Not compensate well *The hardest part is dealing with different types of clients"

Admin Assistant III (Former Employee) says

"Concrete Jungle were you should always watch you back. Have a very toxic working environment. Have employees working long hours and some employees's Overtime has been disapproved.BenefitsToxic environment"

Client Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"The hardest part of the job is when it comes to shortage the employee will pay the shortage but if the employee have overage it will automatically given to the companyLong banking hours and the overtime is not paid."

Client Service Associate (Current Employee) says

"I'm working in the bank for 5 years now as bank teller. If you want to to apply on this bank, I suggest you already have a partner (boyfriend/girlfriend) because you'll be working early in the morning and go home late in the evening. Without overtime pay. Managers get mad if you file for an overtime pay because it will affect their performance rating. Selfish right? You have to be accurate in processing transactions also especially handling of cash because if your balancing incurred a shortage, you will pay for it; but if overage you cannot get it nor offset to your shortages instead BDO will get it. If you are a frontliner you have to set in your mind that there will be clients complaining and will argue you. So if your personality is weak, this job is not for you. The management only cares for their profit, they don't care for their employees welfare that's why the bank have many turnover, they just used the bank for training ground. They are very thrifty when giving bonuses and benefits. Salary cannot compensate to your workload and go home late. Everyday, I go home stressed. No time for social life. Even though the working environment in BDO for me is not good, I was able to survived it until now because of my co-employees. My co-workers in my branch I was assign is so good and helpful. Full of humor that you will forget the bad days happened to you. But this job is very secure, if you want to retire in this bank.Secured Job. Well known company.No overtime pay. Salary cannot compensate to your workload."

CLERK (Former Employee) says

"I cannot say anything much from this employer because i didnt say longer from this company. All i can say is i also enjoyed my stay here i have a good boss and friendly officemates."

Client Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"Suffocating workplace and bias management. They don't listen to the voice of newly hires. Poor customer service and inconvinient environment inside the bankMore benefitsWork beyond time paid"

Marketing Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Poor work life balance. Stressful environment. Management is pro client rather than pro employee. Not compensated enough for job description. Good benefits"

HR Staff (Former Employee) says

"It's good but very exhausting because of the 12 hour straight shift, not equally treated because we were under agency all the loads of call outs are on us.overtime payLong hours"

Marketing Assistant III (Current Employee) says

"BDO offers extended banking hours. We are open even on selected holidays and weekends. Overall BDO is a very prestigious company serving tons of clients everyday. The hardest part of our job is that we have limited time with our family due to our banking schedules and voluminous workload.prestigious companyLong hours, weekend shifts, stressful environment"

Client Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"I went to work five times a day. we work more than 8hrs on a reqiured time. I learned so many things in this industry,like,dealing with diff kind of people, customer service,having a long patience is also a virtue and customer satisfaction with your service. The management itself is quiet ok. I have no problems with my co-workers they are very professional and easy to be with. The hardest part of my job is dealing with problem customer, its the hardest part because your need to control temper even if you know your just doing your job. The most enjoyable part of my job is knowing that a client is satisfied and appreciated your service to them."

Account Officer (Former Employee) says

"I know that the only permanent in this world is the word change but in BDO change happens everyday. The workplace is indeed beautiful and pleasant nice location and work place. You can learn more by meeting new clients and different people. My co-workers are great they are like family. And for the the most enjoyable part of the job is the salary and benefits.Meal passToo good to be true quota"

Merchant Acquiring Officer (Former Employee) says

"the climb is taking too long. new hires get to be up there while homegrown stayed below them.. the competitor offered a very tempting gold. it was not just me who bit the apple, there's a lot of us. the camaraderie, the team mates that has become your family the trainings, those are difficult to forget. The back bone of my corporate values reared. the hustling and bustling of business reviews that make your stomach go crazy. all these are missed.trainingspolitics"

Client Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"I enjoy my stay for almost 3 years with my co employee but for my personal advancement I need to seek better job than this. With all the knowledge acquired and all the teachings I am grateful for all of this. I enjoy the company of my co employee as well."

account holder says

"I am convinced that BDO is the worst bank in the Philippines. The do not only treat their employees badly, but their service is just as bad from a technical perspective. Frequent issues most especially with online banking. "

Rob van den Akker says

"In the beginning, the transactions went well. Suddenly Transferwise decided to deactivate my account. Then my father opened an account. even there the first 10 transactions were no problem. When my father wanted to convert 4000 Euro into dollars via the Hello World master card from Transferwise, his account was deactivated without mentioning a reason. Then my sister opened an account. And can not transfer money and transferwise has also deactivated the account after 2 days without any reason. Now my mother has opened an account. It was impossible to transfer money and so Transferwise deactivated this account today. Fortunately, a friend of mine helps transfer money to Indonesia and till today without any problems. :-)"

Andreas Johannes says

"Transferwise costs are not too high but the local costs at the receiving banks are much higher than normal. They cancelled my account suddenly without giving any reason. Appeal denied also without any reason given"

Moshood Gafar says

"A friend made a deposit into my account from a UK bank and the money never reach my account. His bank confirmed they've made the transfer that the issue is with my bank. I contacted TransferWise, to my surprise my bank confirmed they're holding payment and i should provide is full name including any middle and date of birth. DOB is a sensitive data that shouldn't be shared with third party who is not authorised to have it. My friends bank has already completed KYC on him where he own the account for more than 20 years. I don't understand why TW is requesting for my friends DOB when he doesn't have an account with them. This is just £100 so what will happen when is a lot more. Please return the money back ASAP while i close my account."

Shady says

"0 stars, they deactivated my account after 3 days and they are currently holding 3000$+ and not replying to anything. How can someone trust a ‘bank’ that act like that?Scammers,transferwise should be illegal."

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